Can you do Ambigram the google

Today I'm going to show the other Ambigram name that is Google.

This name come up when i was searching for the tricks and magics of ambigram.. google helped me a lot and i groomed upto my extent.Now I'm able to write any critical word too :).I'm happy for that.

Have a look on the below snap.This one come under a Rotational Ambigram Category.

The below image is the rotated image of the above image called google as Ambigram :)

So you liked this google style! I have created many and many more.As I mentioned in the earlier posts say name with in a name created over 30 names.. which are going to be here as a posts.I love this techniques.I will be showing the scratch work too.. so that you people will implement the same.
Hope you enjoied this post.

This ambigram is dedicated to the Ambigram designers and to the google too :)

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