Awesome is now much awesome

Hi Viewers,
This post is to show an awesome design where I didn't even use pencil/paper. every thing is done with MS Paint, MS Word & image editing tool. The effective output of this is the awesome design created for the word AWESOME. Interesting ? Let's check the design now.

The design that I have created is of rotational ambigram style. This means that even though if you rotate the name to 180 degrees will get the same name. Hope you got the design.

Now lets see the design below for the word Awesome.
The 180 degree rotated image is shown below for the above image.
Hope every one enjoyed seeing this design. I believe i made justice to this title.
Thank you guys. Love You All.

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Ambigrammed Ammu

Hi Viewers,
Today, I gonna post new ambigram design for the name AMMU. Usually,most of them have nickname as Ammu. Let's now go into the design ASAP.

This is the design of rotational ambigram style. As we know, I have designed many names with this style. To get more click the link 

Let's see the ambigram design of ammu name below. -Ambigrammed creation maker generator by Monies
Now, the rotated image of the above ambigram design is as below.
Hope you guys, enjoyed this post.
Have a nice day!

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Dilip is with Ambigram istyle

Hi Viewers, today I'm posting a simple ambigram name. It's really impressive.I have done this ambigram in 2 different styles. First of all, I am going to post the italic style font ambigram design.

The ambigram is of rotational ambigram or symmetrical ambigram type means, even though we rotate/flip the name in 180 degrees, will see the same name. Of course this is not the first ambigram under this type in this blog! Hope everyone knew about the ambigram and its type. If you would like to know more on these click on the below link or click on the menu bar what is ambigram hyper link.

Usually, the name Dilip is popular in India, the sub-continent. I have designed this ambigram to my friend's brother and gifted me for the creation of ambigram. Let's have a look on the ambigram that I have created for the name Dilip.
Dilip Ambigram - Rotational Style
Now the rotated 180 image of the above ambigram is below.

Hope everyone enjoyed this post.
Hello Guys,
Yes, you are @ right place to get your name in Ambigram style. Just send a mail to and ask quotation for your ambigram name. It's now made simple.

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Google's HOLI with My Holi Ambigram

Hi dudes,
A very happy Holi to all. Exactly last year I have posted an ambigram for Holi and was really successful. Got good feedbacks via mails from viewers. Thanks a ton to all of you!

I'm here with the Holi doodle made by Google on an eve of Holi is below.
The above holi doodle is for this year, where as the holi doodle for past year was below
*All above pictures are taken form the Google site.
Here is the snippet of my post on the Holi ambigram for the last year.

Hi buddies,
Today I'm going to post the ambigram for the Festival name celebrating in INDIA.Now lets have a look on the generated(created) ambigram for the name  "holi" is below.
The ambigram generator/maker/creator for this holi is its me, Monie.
This is under Rotational /symmetrical category of Ambigram.
Now, the 180 degree rotated ambigram of the above ambigram is below

Read more:

Hope every one enjoys this post.
Have a nice day...
Have a colorful holi :)

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