The word STAR got star with ambigram

Hi Viewers,
Today I'm here with ambigram post for the word "STAR".With the ambigram style STAR adds another star to its name.

Of coursethis ambigram is self explanatory and i feel no need to navigate how to see it. I'm sure that you people gonna understand it.

Lets have a quick look on the design that have created.
The below ambigram is of Mirror Ambigram. If we make the image into two vertical halves you can see the the left half is the mirror image of the right half. Looking strange? have a look.

Now have a look on the half way images that which on joining will get the Star Ambigram.
lets have a look

Hope you enjoied this post.
lets know some thing about STAR.
Stars are - as our Sun - huge glowing balls of gas. Some stars are bigger, but most of them smaller as the Sun, which itself has a mass 332 830 times more than the Earth.

At the beginning of their life stars contain about two thirds hydrogen and one third helium. Heavier elements are less than one percent. During the birth of a star a cloud of gas collapses until in the center pressure and temperature are high enough to start the nuclear fusion. The cloud begins to shine, first due to the set free gravitational energy, later because of the nuclear fusion. A star is born.
In its center the star now fusions at several million degrees hydrogen to helium. This it does for the longest part of its life as a main sequence star. The more massive a star is indeed the more fuel it has got, but it fusions it much quicker than a small star. The more luminous it is then.

If in a small star the hydrogen in its center is spent, it can't continue with the fusion. But the universe with its maybe 14 billion years is still too young as those small stars could already have spent their fuel. When this time comes, these stars will simply slowly become cooler and dimmer. content is taken from

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