My Very First Ambigram

Hi Folks, this post is about my first ambigram trail. Being as a font designer, I wrote my name in many designs on my note books. Later I came to know about the ambigram technique and its innovativeness. I was much interested towards this ambigram designing. From that point of time I started creating ambigram names. The first name was my name “mohan”. I tried this by using MS Paint (Micro Soft Paint) tool. Of course I did my paper work to make name in ambigram style. This name is of rotational ambigram type.  Days passed, I created my name in different styles and even posted some of them in this blog.
Here is the link of my names in ambigram styles
Soon I gonna post the remaining designs too.

I taught of changing this image to the updated one. I need to give the justice to the title so, I didn’t change the image my friends.
Let’s see the name in the below image.

Rotated image of the above is below

Guys, try from your end. You definitely gonna get it soon of your own.
All the very best.

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