FontStyle Ambigram:Mirror Image : Mohan

This time I’m here to post my new trail of other category of Ambigram called Mirror-Image category.
 I succeeded by this Ambigram trail,the fontstyle. The trail was done for the Word/name Mohan(moHAn). 
Checkout the below image of Ambigram of mirror image of category 
I made this Ambigram to be more I did the following.
1.    Image was divided into two parts(say left & right)
2.    The left part is the mirror image of the right part.
3.    Left part colored differently to right part

                Here is the much information about the Mirror-image category
A design that can be read when reflected in a mirror, usually as the same word or phrase both ways. Ambigrams that form different words when viewed in the mirror are also known as glass door Ambigra…… click here for more

Hope you like this post…

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