Ambigram is now "Romance"

Hi viewers,
Today I’m going to give you the new ambigram which is unique and even I searched in web for this ambigram. I didn’t find yet. The word is none other than Romance. Sounds different right!!
Let’s know what Romance is all about from wiki
wanted any romantic/love poems refer to
Romance or romantic may refer to:
· Romance (love), love emphasizing emotion over libido.
· Romance languages, a family of languages originating in south-western Europe.
· Romance (genre), a genre of medieval and renaissance narrative fiction
· Romance (music), a type of ballad or lyrical song
· Romanticism, an artistic and intellectual movement in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
Hope you got something about Romance.
Now let’s have a look on the Ambigram. This is an Ambigram under rotational category. The original Ambigram of romance is

This looks awesome right!
The 180 degree rotated Ambigram is below
Hope you enjoyed this Ambigram by gazing this. Have a nice day.

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