Its You in Me

Hi viewers,
How are you all. Its been a long time seeing you all. I was associated with new tasks in I couldn't post any ambigrams these days. Today I'm posting which is not at all ambigram, the design made using Microsoft Powerpoint application. The design is word with in a word, fun with letters.

This is some thing different from my earlier post.This is not Ambigram design; I just tried designing the word with in word, Hence the design succeeded. The words that I represented in the design were “You” & “me”.

Tips to know better about the words in the design.
  • If you concentrate on red color font, can get Me...
  • If you concentrate on inner black color font, can get You..
Have a look on the below design which was designed by me

hope you got the design and the words in the design too :)
Thats why, the title of post is You in Me instead of You & Me
Have a happy gazing.
With love, Monies

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