Video Tutorial To Design Ambigram In Simple Steps

Hi viewers,
Video Tutorial To Design Ambigram In Simple Steps

Hope you enjoy this video tutorial

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Latest Ambigram style for this Blog, FontStyles

Hi Buddies,
Today I’m here to post the design which is in Ambigram style for my ambigram blog . Need your comments on this design. Tried many styles for this name and at last I decided this ambigram is the best. Later, I decided myself to select this as my brand and very design for my blog.
As you know 1 month back my blog finished its very first anniversary and I dedicate this post to you all viewers who are supporting me to do this J
The actual ambigram design (the maker or creator of this ambigram is Monies) is below
 The 180 degree rotated ambigram is below
 Hope you got the ambigram.
Requesting you all to provide the comments on this logo i.e., is it excellent/very good/good/average/needs to improve.
I’m waiting for your valuable comments.
Thanks a log for your comments J

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