Ambigrammed the Ambigram!

This post is all about the word got ambigrammed.Even I didnt tried much for this Ambigram.Few days back just i had a trail why dont i do for the word
"Ambigram" itself? 

So I done and showcased my creative ambigram. Later I search for the other Ambigrams for this Ambigram name in google.
I got only 3 searches for this. Will show you those images too in this post.

The below image is the Ambigrammed Ambigram :)

I considered the letters in word ambigram as ambIGram 
hope it madu you so clear.

Now as usual check out the 1800 rotated image of this as below.

 Yeah I did it. I fell very happy to explore my creativuty to the beautiful world.

checkout the other ambigrams collected from google.

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