Merry Christmas-Get ur ambigram as a gift*

Hi Friends ,

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Here we are with one more much awaited word "CHRISTMAS" Worlds Most celebrated Festival.

Before going forward lets say with me loud "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS." Say it again, again. Thanks for saying with me.

"CHRISTMAS" the word reminds me of waiting long hours for Santa Clause to give me a Surprise Gift,Mom giving me articles to decorate House and Christmas Tree,,,
CHRISTMAS Evening is the best evening of the whole year for me . As a kid i used to dream for every evening to become a christmas eve.

Don't think that i changed now, still i wait for the gifts,this time not from the Santa but from the lovely people like you. Dont worry i am not expecting a great gift,a Simple yet surprising gift from you could be rating this post
Still we have a Gathering - this time venue is this blog.I decorate, not the house this time, its our blog, we decorated our blog with the fireflies. Noticed them, if not don't panic .. there's no problem with your vision.
May be they too went for the Family Gathering, he he he....

Who can control others on this wonderful evening.

How many of you know what CHRISTMAS is and why it is much awaited and celebrated festival ?
I can see many hands in air, you dont need to raise your hands. i know that you people are smart and u are well aware of it.
If you know it , just add some more to this article to make every one know what is it.

As a kid i used to think Christmas as  A festival of Family Gathering,Gifts,Decorating OAK Tree, House, Singing in Church,Holidays for boring classes but as a grown up now i see Christmas and its activities in a different way altogether.
I realize every thing we do on or before has a specific meaning.
  1. Family Gathering - Symbolizes the unity in Family and enjoyment
  2. Surprise Gifts -Surprising your friends, family, siblings, spouse,Forgiving some one and list goes on...
  3. Decorating OAK Tree - Symbolizes reminding Jesus, reminding care for nature and family
  4. Decorating House - Symbolizes care for the things which will help us in day to day life
  5. Singing in Church - Symbolizes unity in people, coming out of problems we face and sing with happiness ...
  6. Holiday - Making every one enjoy Lord Jesus Birthday.
Did you notice one thread which is the spirit of Christmas and the combining all the activites, its much awaited state for every human being, its what human being is trying to achieve since centuries.
Yes you are correct
 ....Happiness without bounds
Ok,Ok, I am not going to extend my lecture on this christmas day tying you to this blog. I gonna tell you one last thing

"Guys lets trash all our sorrows,worrys...... on this blessed day and enjoy the beauty of life given by Lord Jesus."
Lets go for an ambigram which you like most!!

Rotated Ambigram for 180 degrees

Of Course after seeing this you may ask for your surprise gift.
Here it is ,
we are gonna design an ambigram for you. what ever name you want. To get this shout your name in the Shout widget next to this blog. we will pick few entries randomly and create their ambigrams and place them in this blog. 
Lets see who will have this christmas gift. Dont forget to mention your email id to have furthur communication..
See you soon with yours ambigram.

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My Very First Ambigram

Hi Folks, this post is about my first ambigram trail. Being as a font designer, I wrote my name in many designs on my note books. Later I came to know about the ambigram technique and its innovativeness. I was much interested towards this ambigram designing. From that point of time I started creating ambigram names. The first name was my name “mohan”. I tried this by using MS Paint (Micro Soft Paint) tool. Of course I did my paper work to make name in ambigram style. This name is of rotational ambigram type.  Days passed, I created my name in different styles and even posted some of them in this blog.
Here is the link of my names in ambigram styles
Soon I gonna post the remaining designs too.

I taught of changing this image to the updated one. I need to give the justice to the title so, I didn’t change the image my friends.
Let’s see the name in the below image.

Rotated image of the above is below

Guys, try from your end. You definitely gonna get it soon of your own.
All the very best.

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NUMBERS word with numbers

Hi Viewers,
How are you? Hope you guys enjoying these days. Today I’m here to present the non ambigram post. Of course this is some innovative stuff from my side. Let’s see what all is about.
The post is the about the name, where the word is formed the letters by selective combination of the two or more numbers. The word is nothing but “NUMBERS”. Say for example by selecting the numbers 1 and 3, we can form the letter ‘B’. In the same way with the set of three 1’s can form letter ‘M’. This is the very easy to understand. We can form any letter with the combination of numbers and even with the special characters too. Let’s try this from your end. Hence this post is titled as “NUMBERS word with numbers”.
Below is the image of the created word called NUMBERS formed with numbers.

Hope you like this post. This is not difficult task to make this. Now, you can also try this. Start creating and be innovative.

Wanted your name in ambigram style? Drop a mail to for the price estimation.

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