Farhana-Salman Ambigram

Hi friends,
Visiting the website daily ?? Waiting for new Ambigrams ??
I am back again with your favorite ambigrams

The ambigram request((Her name and Her better half name) from Farhana leads to this post.

I am really thankful for the belief you have on me and my ambigrams. Here is the gift for you to suprise your better half.

This reads Farhana and Salman
After rotating for 180 degrees it reads Salman and Farhana.

Hope we met your expectation. Please rate it if you liked it, your comments will matter alot for me.
You too want to surprise your loved ones with ambigrams, just send me a mail to 
Note:Charges for ambigram are based on the words requested.

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Ambigram created for other Blog

Hi Friends
I am very happy to share with you that Ambigram which we designed for a blog was accepted and is being displayed in the blog

Short intro about the blog - This blog provides you information about preparing delicious, tasty curries and food items of all varieties. Check it out, i am sure you gonna start and enjoy cooking right now.

Ambigram  created for the blog:Curry in Kadai
Rotated 180 Degrees

We also received few more requests from other websites to create logos, Ambigrams and Stylish Fonts. So, soon we can see more sites hosting the logos, Ambigrams designed by Monies...

So, Friends do you own any website,business,anything and if you would like to get the ambigram for a word or logo for a business ... why delay, just send me a mail providing the details about the Word which you like and give a brand new look to your business,website....

Note: Charges would be based on the length and complexity of the word.

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America is now ambigrammed America by me!!

Dear Viewers
As I informed you earlier that I will post the ambigram of the other country after "India as Ambigram " .
Now I'm here to present you the different view/style of ambigram. Tried for some thing new and got succeeded now. I'm happy for this to publish this Ambigram to you all.
Today I'm posting you the another ambigram of country. which is none other other than .... America. Yes, it is .... I searched even for america ambigram on internet but it got vain. I didn't find the ambigram :( . so thought of creating the ambigram for America. Now it's done.
Lets have a look a brief about America from wiki.
South America
broke off from the west of the supercontinent Gondwanaland around 135 million years ago (Ma), forming its own continent. Starting around 15 Ma, the collision of the Caribbean Plate and the Pacific Plate resulted in a series of volcanoes along the border that created a number of islands. The gaps in the archipelago of Central America filled in with material eroded off North America and South America, plus new land created by continued volcanism. By 3 Ma, the continents of North America and South America were linked by the Isthmus of Panama, thereby forming the single landmass of the Americas.
Now the ambigrammed Image of America is below.

The 180o rotated image of the above ambigram is below.

Hope you enjoied by seeing this ambigram. do share this information to your friends too :)

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An innovative 2010 Calendar …

Hi Folks,

Check out the below snap for 2010 calendar.This is very innovative thought and its awesome.Enjoy this post.
cick on the image to download it.

Like to have this in high resolution/HD? Here is the link to download!!
1. Get it from linkbucks
2. Get it from Mediafir site

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Web Meets Phone - the Nexus One, Google Phone

The video is really good one! play it and enjoy the feel.

Mobile Snaps:

for this google the images with the word Nexus one

For technical Specifications:
Nexus one phone specifications
To know more about this phone through videos:
 Know about me via videos 

The snaps ans the videos are taken from the web and the google official site from

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