Xperimental Name INDIA as Ambigram. Its Done!!

Today I’m here to present you the other new name that came up as a fine product from my creative thought. It’s a country name called as a Sub-continent. This is nothing but INDIA. I’m very glad to post this Ambigram in my blog I tried hard to get this Ambigram earlier I tried to get the country name America but it is not up to the mark.
Definitely my next Ambigram will be a country name. I promise you.
India has other names as Bharath , Hindustaan,sub-continent(By dictionary entries, the term subcontinent signifies "having a certain geographical or political independence" from the rest of the continent, or "a vast and more or less self-contained subdivision of a continent."). India is also known as Āryāvarta (Sanskrit: आर्यावर्त, "abode of the Aryans") because of its Aryan heritage and also called as Jambudvipa.
Thanks for reading about India other names.
Now have a look at the below image the ambigrammed image for the name INDIA(consider it as INdiA). Even this Ambigram is under the category of rotational Ambigram.
Now as usual the 180o rotated image of the above ambigram is below.
Hope you like this county ambigram

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