Name "Jason" Ambigram with style

Thanks for the overwhelming response for the post Genelia, the tollywood and bollywood actress.
Today I’m here to post the other Ambigram under rotational Ambigram category. The name is nothing but a common name “Jason”. I didn’t try hard to get this Ambigram. It’s so simple to do Ambigram.
The below Ambigram was done using the tools MS word 2007 and MS Paint that’s it to make my creativity more stylish. The font that I have selected is “Matisse ITC” and did some modifications to get the creative design.

Check out the ambigrammed Jason name below.
Now have a look at the ambigrammed image that is rotated to 180o

The images that i shown you is under the category of rotational.
if you want more ambigrams under this category click here(rotational Ambigrams)....

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