Yet an Another Ambigram Style for Jason

Hi Buddy,
Today I'm here to post the design created for name Jason in Ambigram style. Prior to this post I created Ambigram for the same name and posted on July 2009.

Here is the link for the earlier Ambigram for name Jason

Now back to the new Ambigram style for Jason. Below is the image for the name Jason

Now check for the 180 degree rotated Ambigram is mentioned below.

Thanks for enjoying this.

Note: Here is the link that which you can get the ambigram tips and tricks

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Ambigram Creation Video for ipassed!

Hi Viewers,
Today the post is on video tutorial on Amigram creation.
When I tried google for the Ambigram images, I found the word passed in Ambigram style. Of course, I agree that this is very easy to create in Ambigram style. 
I demonstrated how to create in Ambigram style using MS Paint tool.

See and know about it....
Here is the video

Happy reading...

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