Add Style 2 Name by your self with steps and tips

Here is the post that tells you the creating or making of Ambigram in step by step, the simple way and tips and tricks to make it style.
Here are the some key points to make it
This is under symmetrical Ambigram category, wanted to know about the ambigram and the categories
click here.
1. Pair up the letters.
2. Work with one pair of letters.
3. The paired one will look as other paired letter in one direction and vice-versa.
4. Do it for rest of paired letters.
5. So...on
Above is the brief list of steps to be followed to create an Ambigram. To know steps in detail download the document which helps you in creating your name in style. Of course it is freeeeee....
Click 2 download Document


Page 1  and Page 2

Here is the video tutorial for creating the ambigrams in a simple steps.

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