Typical Name "Yersh" ambigrammed atlast in rotational Way :)

Hi Buddies, Posting after a long time? Yes bcoz I’m reasonably full of activity these days. Today I came up to present you some thing singular and new Fontstyle (ambigram) which is a very infrequent name. It’s one of my friends name. He is none other than Yersh.. Yershad.I’m very glad to design his name and to post this Ambigram in my blog
Well..Even though his full name is yershad (Sounds different right..!! That’s he is..) we call him Yersh. So I made my image as yersh only. By the way I didn’t try hard to get this name as ambigram. As it came up with in 10 mins and coloring took for 2 hrs L.Any way this ambigram is different among the post. Enjoy this post. Have a nice day!
Now have a look at the below image the ambigrammed image for the name Yersh. This ambigram is under roational Ambigram. This category is going on going.

Now as usual the 180o rotated image of the above ambigram is below.

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