Name Nataraj Ambigrammed

The post that I’m going to publish is under the category of Fontstyle: Rotational Ambigram

I thought of creating ambigram for a name that I can show my 100% stuff. It took over two days to ambigram the name nataraj.
I’m extremely delighted to share the ambigram nataraj because it’s a demanding name intendingto an excellent design.This letters in ambigram name nataraj looks like small boxes (intentionally did). This is a first trail to make letters as boxes.
Now stare at the actual ambigram name nataraj. This is an awesome piece from my hands.To make it clear the letters in ambigram name is “ n a t a r a J ”

As usual the 180o rotated ambigram is below.

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you will be encouraging me for posting many more ambigrams here!!

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Ambigrammed the Ambigram!

This post is all about the word got ambigrammed.Even I didnt tried much for this Ambigram.Few days back just i had a trail why dont i do for the word
"Ambigram" itself? 

So I done and showcased my creative ambigram. Later I search for the other Ambigrams for this Ambigram name in google.
I got only 3 searches for this. Will show you those images too in this post.

The below image is the Ambigrammed Ambigram :)

I considered the letters in word ambigram as ambIGram 
hope it madu you so clear.

Now as usual check out the 1800 rotated image of this as below.

 Yeah I did it. I fell very happy to explore my creativuty to the beautiful world.

checkout the other ambigrams collected from google.

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