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Welcome backs all. This time the Ambigram that I’m posting is a requested ambigram by “Nithin”. We offered this as an Christmas and New year Gift for more refer this post

This is one of the requested Ambigram from the reader. Now we will be charging based on the number of letter. For more drop a mail to

Now let’s know about the name “Nithin”:
Nithin is a common first name in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal that means moral or Ethical in Sanskrit. Nithin comes from the Sanskrit Root called as Nitya. Nitya means "order" or "regularity". Nithin is also a common Marathi name, commonly found in Maharashtra. The Laws of Vedas speak about the Cosmos as Nitya as it follows a regulated mode of expression and evolution.

Nithin means that which exists in the regulated order. The energy aspect of the Lord which is called his maya or sakthi is the one that exists in the Lord and his creation. So Nitin is the energy aspect of the Lord and it is popular among the Vaishnavites to keep this name. Some people believe that Nitin is derived from "Niti" which means strategy in Sanskrit.

Nithin  means "Leader of the good path" and "Master of the right path" .
Can be spelled as Neethan, Nathan, Nadhan, Nitan , Niteen, NITIN, Nitin, Nittu, Nittin
Next post is the ambigram for the name NITIN which is a Palindrome.

The category of the ambigram is Rotational and symmetrical Ambigram ans is now generated and published. The Generator or Maker is its me Monie :)
Now the Ambigram name for Nithin is

 The 180deg rotated ambigram is
Enjoy the read.
The content about NITHIN is taken from wiki site

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