New Year Greetings

Hi Every One,

How are you ???

Let me guess  " You Still hearing Ringing bells, Checking out your gifts & greetings from your loved ones, Walking through the decorated garden, laughing at your self reminding the funny incidents happened this week,,,, As a whole i think i can confirm you are still in the joy of CHRISTMAS "

Hope i am correct.

After the Surprise gift we presented for Christmas, ofcourse it is not so surprising than the Santa's Gift, Very few people shouted their name in the blog to get their ambigrams designed.
Soon they will see their names displayed in this blog. Thanks for those who took interest in Shouting their names and making us busy designing their ambigrams.

Thinking you have missed it,,
Not at all.....

Ofcourse you may have missed PRETTY TINI MINI CHRISTMAS GIFT , but not the suprise.

After the response from the viewers, we decided to give you a new year gift which not only makes you happy but can even make ur loved ones more happy.

Guess what??

Need a clue ??

Ok, here is the clue "This is the one which conveys your wishes to your loved ones."
Yes, Its a Greeting Card.

On this New Year Occassion, we decided to present you with greetings that convey simple new year wishes

Here are the samples of them ,,,,









Liked them?
Feel like having one of them?
Like to send these greetings to your friends ?

u can do it.

Here is the way, just dowload the images from the download link provided or drop us a mail specifying the greeting number. We will send you that image.

Please provide your comments on the greetings you liked. Your comments are the gifts for us.

Hope you liked the Greetings. Will be waiting for your comments.

Advance Happy New Year....  

Download the Greetings here

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