FontStyle Ambigram:Mirror Image : Mohan

This time I’m here to post my new trail of other category of Ambigram called Mirror-Image category.
 I succeeded by this Ambigram trail,the fontstyle. The trail was done for the Word/name Mohan(moHAn). 
Checkout the below image of Ambigram of mirror image of category 
I made this Ambigram to be more I did the following.
1.    Image was divided into two parts(say left & right)
2.    The left part is the mirror image of the right part.
3.    Left part colored differently to right part

                Here is the much information about the Mirror-image category
A design that can be read when reflected in a mirror, usually as the same word or phrase both ways. Ambigrams that form different words when viewed in the mirror are also known as glass door Ambigra…… click here for more

Hope you like this post…

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Two IT firms TechM & Satyam Caught and Ambigrammed by Me...

Hi Folks,

My next trail for the ambigram is a matured one. So took this a very important task for me and allocated so time for this.

From the past few months, TechM and Satyam are combined together, seeing in News Papers, flash News and in main headlines.

As this is a current Affair, I got an Idea that why can’t these two IT Industries caught and Ambigram?So this idea arose and came into a fine product from me by using the fontstyle techniques called Ambigram Technique.
So check out the Images below Ambigrammed and fontstyled names say Satyam and TechM (knowm as Tech Mahindra)

The first Image is the name Satyam Ambigram treat it as sATyam where the fonts are some where capitalized.
Look at the second image , TechM Ambigram treat it as techM where the font ‘M’ is capital.So some how I made it as Tech M.FontStyle the ambigram TechM is the Rotational Ambigram when the above image is rotated to 180 o.

So in the category called rotational Ambigram, added one post to meet the highest post.I like this Ambigram among the remaining.Thanks for reading and seeing this Ambigram and this fontstyle.

If you want you/LOVER name to be in ambigram, STAY TUNED.

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An Ambigram Combines Two Names into One: category Rotational

An ambigram is the technique of combining of two names into one name. This Ambigram so called Lalitha/Pallav, when you turn it upside down. It is also sometimes known as an inversion, a graphical figure that spells out one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also in another direction or orientation. The text spelled out in the other direction or orientation is often the same, but can also be a different text. Douglas describes ambigram as a "calligraphic design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the selfsame set of curves."
Now if we consider the current Ambigram (fontstyles) which can be seen as LALitha (Ambigram) in the below snap

Now if we rotate the ambigram Lalitha now we can see a new name called pallAv .please donot consider the first letter a.Now we can see the new Ambigrammed name with in an ambigram name.which is called as Rotational Amgram Category.

This Ambigram looks awesome..isnt it? Stay tuned for this type of ambigrams. If you want Your and your lover name to be in Ambigram Style? Then comment with the names for the ambigram.will definitely be it as a post.

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The 4 letter name got ambigrammed

This is yet an other ambigram name which comes under rotatory Ambigram section.

As i mentioned in the below ambigram ie., google.

The 4 letter ambigram is here.The name is hAri ( designed in this way).

Here is the actual image and this was designed and added some style with a image tool to get it like this. i chose this as a font design so that i can explore well.

looks awesome am i correct?
Now as usual. look @ the rotated Name hAri below.
I stricked this name in my mind very first time before google name itself.but it was not so i took some care to publish in this style.
Hope you people liked this post too..

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Can you do Ambigram the google

Today I'm going to show the other Ambigram name that is Google.

This name come up when i was searching for the tricks and magics of ambigram.. google helped me a lot and i groomed upto my extent.Now I'm able to write any critical word too :).I'm happy for that.

Have a look on the below snap.This one come under a Rotational Ambigram Category.

The below image is the rotated image of the above image called google as Ambigram :)

So you liked this google style! I have created many and many more.As I mentioned in the earlier posts say name with in a name created over 30 names.. which are going to be here as a posts.I love this techniques.I will be showing the scratch work too.. so that you people will implement the same.
Hope you enjoied this post.

This ambigram is dedicated to the Ambigram designers and to the google too :)

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The First Known Ambigram(1893)

The first known non-natural ambigram was created in 1893.

The picture below was created in 1893 by Peter Newell as the last page in his book “Topsys and Turvys”. It read “THE END” normally and when inverted became the word “PUZZLE”.

Although Peter Newell was better known for his children’s books and for his illustrations for Lewis Carroll and Mark Twain than he was for his ambigrams, he published 2 books of illustrations of invertible designs ( where the picture (and text) turn into a completely different image when turned upside down

History of Ambigrams:

Dan Brown states in his novel “Angels and Demons” that ambigram words are four hundred years old. However, the known historical data is actually much shorter.
One of the earliest published ambigrams (June, 1908)
Here are the known milestones in ambigram creation history:

Ø  1893 First known ambigram published by Peter Newell (THE END / PUZZLE)
Ø  1902 Second known ambigram published by Peter Newell (THE END / PUZZLE2)
Ø  1908 The Strand publishes 10 custom ambigrams by four different artists
Ø  1964 Peter Jones and Douglas Hofstadter start creating ambigrams
Ø  1965 Dmitri Borgmann reprints ambigrams from The Strand, calling them “vertical palindromes”
Ø  1969 Raymond Loewy creates NEW MAN logo
Ø  1972 Tom Carnase creates 72
Ø  1974 John Langdon creates STARSHIP ambigram logo
Ø  1974 Robert Petrick creates Canned Heat and Non Sense logos (receiving a Philadelphia Art Directors’ award in 1975)
Ø  1975-1976 U&lc magazine publishes ambigrams by Petrick and Langdon, starting with SANTA/ELVES by Petrick in June, 1975 issue
Ø  1975 DMC, the logo for the De Lorean Motor Company, first used
Ø  1975 Robert Petrick creates the ANGEL ambigram logo
Ø  1976 Angel (the band) starts using Angel ambigram (through 1992)
Ø  1976 Jefferson Starship uses Starship ambigram
Ø  1979 OMNI publishes ambigrams by Scott Kim in Scot Morris’s “Games” column
Ø  1979 Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter, published, with 3-D ambigrams on the cover
Ø  1980 OMNI publishes ambigrams by Langdon and Petrick
Ø  1981 Scientific American publishes ambigrams by Scott Kim in Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games column
Ø  1981 “Inversions: A Catalog of Calligraphic Cartwheels” by Kim is published
Ø  1984 Douglas Hofstadter coins the term “ambigram
Ø  1987 The book “Ambigrammi” is published (in Italian) by Hofstadter
Ø  1992 Wordplay: Ambigrams and Reflections on the Art of Ambigrams by Langdon is published
Ø  2000 Angels & Demons by Dan Brown is published
Ø  2008 Development of the Glyphusion ambigram generator is complete, enabling anyone to create ambigrams using a web browser.
Ø  2009 The movie adaptation of “Angels & Demons” is released, directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks

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Name in a name. what is this?

Hi viewers, this is the other style in ambigram.

where we can view the name with in the same name.Means if we design the name say supriya,as shown in below diagram.
I if we rotate the name to 180 degrees, you can see other new name say durga.As shown below
This sounds intresting.wanna have a trail for you and your beloved partners name to be like this? stay tuned to this blog

Do share this information to you friends.

This is the creativity of mine.

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